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Welcome to Good News Fraser Coast, your home of positive stories, events and updates from the whale watching capital of the world – and sometimes beyond! Good News Fraser Coast is a proud product of Hervey Bay-based Shaun Ryan Media and aims to feature all that is good from the region, with a generous sprinkling of feelgood content from the rest of Australia and even the world.

While Good News Fraser Coast focuses on positive news stories, it is not a ‘head-in-the-sand’ media platform. Good News Fraser Coast recognises the importance of hard news that might focus on the so-called ‘negative’. While stories covering issues like crime, corruption, court updates and very often political mudslinging have an important place on the media landscape by reflecting what is going on in the world around us, they can exist on other platforms.

Having worked as a hard news journalist for more than a decade, abroad and in Australia, Shaun knows how draining a constant supply of negative news can be. Car crashes, fires, crime and corruption, to name but a few, are realities of everyday life and attract audiences to websites and news feeds. As a result, they often drown out the positive updates that also deserve a platform. Having a social media newsfeed that is inundated with negativity takes its toll on news producers and consumers. The intention behind Good News Fraser Coast is to break the constant supply of bad news and give readers something good to engage and smile about.

From time-to-time we will publish articles that are not considered ‘good news’. These could be related to disasters, severe weather events and important updates that we believe readers need to know. These could relate to flooding, updates on bushfires, evacuation orders or advice from emergency services, Fraser Coast Regional Council or the Bureau of Meteorology, for example. The good news for readers is that such important articles will remain free to all our website users. No fees or subscriptions required.

Good News Fraser Coast understands the importance of real journalism that is properly researched and well written. In a world where everything is about being first and gaining the most clicks, important facets of journalism can often fall by the wayside. Our mission is to reflect the positive achievements and news stories from our local community, while also subscribing to good journalism ethics. If that means a story is not online first but is produced in the best way possible and is fair, accurate and credible, then that is okay too.

As with any newsroom, there is no crystal ball. If you have a good news story to share get hold of us. You can reach out to Good News Fraser Coast on Email or our various social media platforms.

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