Incentive offered to desex cats and dogs

Fraser Coast pet owners who are concession card holders will be given an incentive to desex their cats and dogs.

Press release issued by Fraser Coast Regional Council, 20 December 2022.

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Fraser Coast Regional Council has adopted a new program to provide eligible pet owners with a $100 rebate for dogs and a $50 rebate for cats that have recently been desexed.

Mayor George Seymour said pets can provide a lot of enjoyment and companionship but also come with commitments and responsibilities.

“The desexing incentive is part of our responsible pet ownership program which is a key plank of our Domestic Animal Management Strategy,” Cr Seymour said.

“The targeted program will help ease the cost of living for those who need the most help. While desexing costs vary due to factors such as breed, weight and age, the reimbursement is about 25 per cent of the average cost of desexing a dog or a cat.

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“The reimbursement will be available to eligible Queensland Concession Card holders such as seniors, people with a disability, carers, sole parents, widows and students.

“Under our local laws, cats and dogs on the Fraser Coast must be desexed, but currently there are 2500 entire animals registered. Our aim is to reduce this number and lift desexing rates.

“While Council has previously sponsored desexing programs through donations to the RSPCA and the National Desexing Network (NDN), neither offered dog desexing on the Fraser Coast, meaning local pet owners had to travel to vets in Bundaberg or Gladstone.

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“This new Council animal desexing reimbursement program allows us to engage directly with Fraser Coast residents and local vets.”

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Cr Seymour said desexing had several benefits, such as decreasing instances of animal wandering, and aggressive and territorial behaviours, which are the focus of many of the 5000 animal-related calls Council receives each year.

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“Desexing also leads to fewer unwanted animals in the pound and reduces the risk of severe illness and disease,” he said.

To be eligible for the incentive, the pet owner must be a resident of the region, hold an approved Queensland concession card and the animal must be registered and microchipped.

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More information is available on Council’s website at

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