10 things to do when visiting Utopia Falls

IF you’re a Fraser Coast local or a holidaymaker and you’re looking for something to do that’s a little ‘off the beaten track’ – then call your friends, pack the car and head out towards Mt Walsh National Park for a day at the Utopia Falls rock pools.

The Waterfall Creek section – commonly referred to as Utopia Falls – is just a 1.5hr drive from Hervey Bay.

We’ve compiled a short list of things you need to do when planning an awesome day out at the pools.

  1. Invite your friends and family – Utopia Falls is a great day trip for families with young kids, holidaymakers and friends looking for something different to do.
  2. Pack your swimmers! You’ll definitely want to take a plunge in the rock pools after the short walk from the car park – it’s probably the main reason you walked to the pools in any case.
  3. While we’re on the subject, make sure you pack your sun protection gear and a hat – especially if you plan on spending some time relaxing on the rocks. There are some trees you can sit under, but you won’t know until you arrive if you’ll have a spot in the shade.
  4. Take a backpack. The walk to and from the pools is a relatively easy one but a backpack will make it comfortable too.
  5. Closed walking shoes! It goes without saying, but you’ll want some comfortable shoes for the walk to and from the rock pools. You’ll also need to cross some loose rocks at some point – so wearing something with extra grip will help as well.
  6. Charge your phone. You’ll definitely want to snap some pics when you get there – the rock pools are very Instagram friendly! Don’t forget to tag @frasercoastmissions!
  7. A picnic alongside the crystal-clear rock pools sounds great so take along some snacks and a water bottle. But make sure you take all your rubbish with you when you leave. There are no bins at the rock pools, so if it comes out your bag when you get there, put it back in before starting the walk back to the car. Attractions like Utopia Falls thrive on being pristine locations. You don’t want to be part of the problem by leaving your litter behind.
  8. There are no toilets at the rock pools or the car park. If you’re travelling from Hervey Bay or Maryborough, the last public toilets are at Aramara. This could prove to be a very strategic stop!
  9. Take it easy. Utopia Falls offer an awesome time to relax outdoors. Apply this approach to your drive as well. The road is narrow at some points and you’ll need to slow down when approaching oncoming vehicles.
  10. Depending on how long you plan on spending at Utopia Falls, packing some supplies for the drive home could be a good idea too. Having a full water bottle of cold water waiting in the car – especially if it’s a hot day – is a must.

Location: Mt Walsh National Park
Access: Utopia Road (Search for Utopia Road on Google Maps. The road ends at the car park)
Cost: FREE

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NOTE: The conditions at Utopia Falls could differ depending on the weather and rainfall. Recent rains could see the water flowing between the different pools, while a prolonged dry period could see the water hardly moving between the different swimming holes.

Have you been to Utopia Falls before? If so, you can share your photos with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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