Aussies want to give single-use plastic the boot

RECENT research suggests more than three quarters of Aussies want single-use plastics to be banned.

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The ‘Attitudes towards single-use plastic’ survey by IPSOS said some 77 per cent of Australians want single-use plastics to be banned as soon as possible.

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The result closely mirrors the attitudes of respondents across 28 countries.

In addition, 86 per cent of Australians believe there should be some form of international treaty to combat plastic pollution.

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 IPSOS Australia Director Stuart Clark said the data shows there is a strong consensus globally that single-use plastics should be taken out of circulation as quickly as possible.

“The fact that there is such strong support for an international treaty to address the single use plastics shows that people see this as a challenge that all countries have to solve together,” Mr Clark said. 

“People want to do the right thing. An average of 82 percent of people surveyed want to buy products that minimise plastic packaging. They want that change to happen quickly and they want their governments to support it.”

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Key Australian findings: 

  • 82 per cent agree that they want to buy products that use as little plastic packaging as possible (in line with the global average) 
  • 86 per cent agree that manufacturers and retailers should be responsible for reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic packaging (slightly higher than the global average of 85 per cent)

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The research conducted by IPSOS surveyed the attitudes of more than 20,500 people across the 28 countries.

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IPSOS is a global market research company.

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