QLD Government to begin rolling out new e-scooter rules

THE Queensland Government will begin rolling out new e-scooter rules across the State.

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The new rules will be geared towards ensuring footpaths and bike-lanes are safer for e-scooter riders, cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

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The Government said it would work with local councils to ensure signs make it clear where e-scooters can and can’t be ridden and where they can be parked.

Tougher laws will enable police to enforce speed limits and crack down on other transgressions like drink-riding.

An education campaign focusing on rider safety, wearing a helmet, how to overtake pedestrians and how to park will also be rolled out.

E-SCOOTERS: The changing face of Fraser Coast transport

Privately owned e-scooters and hire scooters are gaining popularity across Australia, including on the Fraser Coast.

A hire scooter service is currently being trialled in Hervey Bay.

Public opinion on e-scooters is often divided.

Many people believe they offer a quick and easy way to commute across town.

Others are less supportive of the idea, suggesting riders pose a risk to pedestrians and block footpaths when parking e-scooters.

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