Water restrictions eased across the whole of the Fraser Coast

RECENT heavy rains have helped ease water restrictions across the whole of the Fraser Coast.

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As of today, the entire region has been moved back into Level 1 water restrictions.

Hervey Bay’s main water storage facility, Lenthall’s Dam, is back up around the three quarters full mark.

The dam was below 50 per cent capacity less than a month ago.

Maryborough’s main storage facility, Teddington Weir, continues to overflow.

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The Fraser Coast Regional Council implemented Level 3 water restrictions in the Hervey Bay area earlier this month following some 18 months of rainfall deficiencies.

CEO Ken Diehm said in a statement today that significant rainfall had finally fallen where it was needed most.

Mr Diehm said the shift to Level 1 restrictions for the whole of the region was effective immediately.

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 “Level one water restrictions are essentially permanent water conservation measures. It means Fraser Coast residents can water their gardens and lawns with a water efficient hose at any time, and can use sprinklers and irrigation systems between 4pm and 9am the next day,” he said.

“The relaxation of restrictions also means cars, boats and pets can again be washed at any time with a hose rather than a bucket and children’s play pools, toys and water slides can again be used.

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“For Council, it means we can once again turn on beach showers and can better maintain all our parks and gardens, not just the high-profile facilities.

“As this change has come about quicker than expected, affected Council facilities and services will take some time to transition back to normal.

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“For example, WetSide’s standard operating hours will resume from next Wednesday but we won’t be able to take private bookings for a while.

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“We thank the community for their patience and understanding while Level 3 water restrictions were in effect over the past few weeks, and we encourage everyone to continue to be water-wise.”

Level 1 water restrictions include:

  • Gardens and lawns can be watered at any time with hand-held hoses (fitted with a water efficient trigger nozzle);
  • Irrigation systems (sprinklers, drippers, soaker hoses) can be used between 4pm and 9am the next day but must be fitted with a manual or automatic timer;
  • Washing windows and cleaning paved or concrete surfaces, external walls or public facilities is permitted at any time but only with a water efficient, high pressure device (eg gerni);
  • Boat motor and trailer flushing by hose is permitted at any time for a maximum of five minutes;
  • Filling of swimming pools, spas and water features is permitted at any time with hand-held hoses (fitted with a water efficient trigger nozzle); and
  • Vehicle and boat cleaning is permitted at any time with hand-held hoses (fitted with a water efficient trigger nozzle).

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