WATCH: “Yeah, mate silly idea”

A RATHER strange bicycle transportation method has landed a Maryborough man in hot water.

A man was busted in Maryborough trying to wheel a bicycle along a busy road in the most unusual way. IMAGE: Supplied.

The 30-year-old motorist was allegedly spotted by police driving through the Heritage City while holding a bicycle with his right hand out the widow – wheeling it along Kent Street.

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Officers had been conducting patrols when they came across the new six-wheeled vehicle around 1.20pm on Tuesday, November 2.

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In footage released by Queensland Police, the officer who stopped the motorist can be heard asking him why he hadn’t put the bicycle in the back of the vehicle.

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The motorist’s replied that it wouldn’t fit.

“Yeah, mate silly idea,” was the response from the rather bemused officer.

The motorist was issued a traffic infringement notice.

Officer in Charge of Maryborough Highway Patrol Sergeant Josh Churchward said the man’s actions, even if only over a short distance, could have resulted in potentially devastating consequences.

“Driving is something that requires your full attention and you should take all necessary care at all times,” Sergeant Churchward said.

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“We’re glad nobody was hurt in this instance, but we do want to [reiterate] that road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

“Something like this not only puts yourself at risk, but other road users too.

“Drive safely and expect police anywhere, anytime,” he said.

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