GOOD NEWS: Security beefed up at Pialba caravan park

SECURITY has been beefed up at the Pialba beachfront caravan park in Hervey Bay.

A security fence has been installed at the Pialba caravan park in Hervey Bay to address safety concerns at the popular site. PHOTO: Shaun Ryan.

Fencing has been installed around the perimeter of the popular park.

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The western section of the caravan park was previously open on the property’s roadside frontage.

Security at the caravan park had become a regular topic of discussion among locals and visitors who often took to social media to highlight the alleged theft of camping equipment, fridges, food and drinks – among other items.

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While it has been acknowledged previously by many travellers that petty theft at caravan parks was not unique to Hervey Bay, others did recommend that people take extra precautions wherever they set up camp and safely secure their personal belongings.

However, the Fraser Coast Regional Council has now taken action to ensure the site remains a popular, safe and enjoyable destination for campers and caravaners.

The western section of the Pialba caravan park in Hervey Bay is no longer directly accessible from the footpath along the Charlton Eslplanade. PHOTO: Shaun Ryan.

Deputy Mayor Darren Everard said the fencing would improve security and make the caravan park more attractive and appealing to visitors.

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“While the $30,000 fencing project had been in the pipeline for some time, it was only recently completed due delays in the supply chain and the delivery of materials,” Cr Everard said.

“Caravan parks are very important to tourism and the local economy.”

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Council operates four beachfront caravan parks – at Burrum Heads, Pialba, Scarness, and Torquay in Hervey Bay.

A $17-million plan for their staged redevelopment was adopted earlier this year to ensure they continue to attract visitors to the region.

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