Popular Fraser Coast parks to be refurbished

SEVERAL public parks in Maryborough and Hervey Bay are getting a facelift as part of a Fraser Coast Regional Council parks refurbishment project.

Council will spend around $134,000 to spruce up barbecue shelters, picnic tables and pedestrian bridges.

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Mayor George Seymour said Council was always looking for ways to improve public parks so they continue to meet the needs of the community.

“The parks and gardens across the Fraser Coast provide places for recreation and relaxation,” Cr Seymour said.

ANZAC Park, Maryborough

Some 11 aging timber picnic tables and seats are being replaced as part of a $19,000 project.

Division 4 Councillor Daniel Sanderson said ANZAC Park was a popular outdoor space in the Heritage City and the new all abilities playground and water park (SplashSide) had made it an even more attractive place for residents and tourists.

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“The new aluminium picnic settings will reduce maintenance costs and provide safe table and seat settings for park visitors,” Cr Sanderson said.

“The aluminium seats can be up to 10 degrees cooler than timber seats and any reusable timber will be used on other projects.”

The work is being carried by Council’s Parks Capital Projects Construction Team and is anticipated to take two weeks, weather permitting.

Fay Smith Wetlands and Lupton Park, Maryborough

A $40,000 project to refurbish bridges on the walking tracks in the Faw Smith Wetlands and Lupton Park are also underway.

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Works at the Fay Smith Wetlands include repairing or replacing the bridge approaches, decking and railings, building a roof to provide shade over the existing viewing platform and installing a bench seat on the boardwalk.

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At Lupton Park, the works include removing and replacing bridge decking, additional posts, top and mid-rails as well as concrete aprons at approaches.

The work will be undertaken by Council’s Building Services Department and it is anticipated to be completed by mid-October, weather permitting.

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Town Hall Green, Maryborough

A project to replace the walls of the shelter facing Adelaide Street with vertical gardens will start this month.

The $30,000 project is anticipated to take three weeks to complete, weather permitting.

“The vertical gardens will provide an attractive showpiece, further enhancing the site and helping cool the surrounding area,” Cr Seymour said.

“To reduce the impact of the works on CBD businesses, the works will be undertaken as early as possible during the day and no work will be undertaken on Thursday while the markets are operating.”

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The cost includes the construction of the four vertical garden panels (3.6m x 1.8m), installation of specialist irrigation system for the garden and repairs to the Town Hall Green irrigation system and 50 mature plants for each panel.

ESA Park and Gables Park, Hervey Bay

A $44,000 project to renovate the timber park shelters on either side of the barbecues in ESA Park and to demolish and replace the old shelter in the Gables Park at Point Vernon will be undertaken.

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The work will start with the renovation of the timber shelters in ESA Park. It is planned to renovate the shelters separately to reduce the impact of the works on people using the park.

It will include the replacement of rooves, timber treatment and new electrical fittings. The work is anticipated to take two weeks to complete, weather permitting, and will be undertaken by Council’s Building Services carpenters.

The Gables shelter will be demolished in mid-November, followed by the construction of new concrete foundations and a new picnic shelter with new a wheelchair accessible table setting, lighting and service tap connection. 

This project is expected to take four weeks to complete and be open in early December, weather permitting.

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