Buzz Energy gets social on the Fraser Coast

A HERVEY Bay home owner has just become the first Fraser Coast resident to join up to the Social Energy Virtual Power Plant (VPP) – powered by Buzz Energy, Social Energy and Duracell (The Power Of 3!).

A Hervey Bay home owner has become the first Fraser Coast resident to join the Social Energy VPP – powered by Buzz Energy, Social Energy and Duracell (The power of 3!). PHOTO: Supplied.

Buzz Energy is a Hervey Bay-owned solar company that services homes and small businesses across the Fraser Coast.

Owner James North said they were excited to have installed their first VPP client in the region.

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James said the relationship between Buzz Energy, Social Energy and Duracell saw a local, independent company teaming up with well-established international businesses to offer Fraser Coast residents more power generating options.

“People who join the Social Energy VPP generate their own energy from their solar panels to power their homes and keep their battery fully charged during the day,” said James.

“At night or when there is not enough energy from the sun to run the client’s home or business through their solar panels, the battery automatically kicks in and keeps things going.”

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If a home or business requires additional power, the VPP network shifts energy to where it is needed via established electricity infrastructure.

The Power of 3! Image: Supplied.

James said becoming part of the VPP, your home or business will benefit on three fronts.

“Firstly, you are no longer reliant on the grid and as long as your system is operating independently so you will not be prone to power cuts.

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“It’s economical in that you generate your own power through solar panels during the day and run off a battery at night. Excess power generated (feed-in tariff) can be sold to the VPP at 40 cents per KW.

“Finally, it is an environmentally friendly system in that you are able to power your home or business through clean energy. As the VPP network grows it will become 100 per cent clean energy.”

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James said all roof-top solar systems installed by Buzz Energy could be linked up to a Duracell battery and the Social Energy VPP in the future.

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Some existing systems may also be eligible.

He expects VPPs to grow in popularity as people become more environmentally aware and look for ways to be more self-sufficient.

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“Buzz Energy is a forward-thinking business and our main focus is to future proof our clients.”

Also, the more homes and businesses that link up to the network, the more reliable and accurate the VPP becomes.

For those wanting to link up to a VPP, new technology means the batteries installed at your home are not too large or bulky and come with impressive warranties.

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They can be easily installed in a garage or on an exterior wall and do not block off any access points on the side of your home.

For more information on Buzz Energy, click here or visit their Facebook page.

You can also call the team on 0434 438 699 to discuss your home or business’ solar needs.

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