Student diaries: My weekend stint as a local journalist

WORK experience is a rite of passage for most high school students. It gives teenagers a glimpse into the working world and helps answer important many questions as they plot their futures. Is this what I want to do when I finish school? What is it like working a 9-5? Do I want to work with my hands or at a computer in an office environment? These are just some of the questions students might be in a better position to answer after a successful work experience program. Thank you to FC Sports Media for sharing Ben McGrath’s work experience story with us.

Ben McGrath completed his work experience with local sports news company, FC Sports Media. PHOTO:FC Sports Media.

Over the long weekend, I experienced what the life of a sports journalist involves and how tough the job is. I participated in activities that were enjoyable yet a great learning experience.

Activities included getting to know the FC Sports Media website and how analytics worked.

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Next, I had to take photographs of football, AFL, and hockey, including action and presentation shots.

Another job had me helping out with post-game interviews, asking players and coaches of AFL and hockey how they went and where they saw themselves next year.

Finally, I was challenged and given the task of writing this article.

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I never knew how difficult controlling teenagers to get in a photo was —interviewing people much older than me was pretty nerve-racking.

After completing work experience, I would describe sports journalism and journalism in general as mentally challenging.

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The job involves a lot of concentration and experiencing some situations that can become uncomfortable and quite scary.

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Every local sport has one thing in common; it has way too loud supporters, whether a junior or a senior sport.

But that is local sport. Saturday was the grand final day for three sports, an active day for them, but an even busier day for sports journalists.

This work experience has taught me patience, concentration and the knowledge that stories don’t just come together. A lot of work and hours are put into them.

Sports journalism has been a fun yet tiring experience and has made my life/career decision a lot harder.

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This article was originally published on FC Sports Media and has been reproduced here with permissions – Editor.

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