WATCH: Ever wondered what a wongari (dingo) gets up to on K’gari?

IF YOU’VE ever wondered what the wongari, or dingo, gets up to on K’gari (Fraser Island) then you might want to watch the video footage released by the Department of Environment and Science today.

A wongari (dingo) keeps its distance from a vehicle driving on a beach on K’gari (Fraser Island). PHOTO: Shaun Ryan.

The DES released footage taken by a collar camera fitted to one of the island’s wongari recently.

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The montage shows the animal interacting with other wongari on the island, drinking water from one of the many island lakes and eating a fish remains on the beach.

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You can also see visitors to K’gari (Fraser Island) snapping photos of the wongari near Orchid Beach.

Can you identify any of the places shown in the footage?

Take a look below

The above footage was shared by the Department of Environment and Science on its official website – click here for more footage.

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