Water and sewerage outages added to Fraser Coast Disaster Dashboard

WATER and sewerage outages have been added to the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s Disaster Dashboard.

Water and sewer interruptions are now included on the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s Disaster Dashboard.
IMAGE: Screengrab / Fraser Coast Disaster Dashboard.

The new section of the Disaster Dashboard website informs residents about planned or unplanned water outages in the area and how long they are expected to last.

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Deputy Mayor Darren Everard said the dashboard was a “one stop shop” of essential information on everything from road conditions, river heights, flood maps, weather warnings, power outages and water and sewer interruptions.

Cr Everard said the days of looking for multiple websites and social media feeds are over.

“The Disaster Dashboard centralises the information in one easy display,” he said.

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Residents are being urged to save a link to the Disaster Dashboard on their mobile phone for easy access.

You can also sign up for opt-in SMS or Email notifications for weather warnings, emergency news and flood levels.

“All residents need to be prepared and have their own ‘What If’ plans in place so they are ready if a natural disaster strikes,” he said.

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“A What If Plan ensures you know where you are going to go if you have to leave; what you are going to do with your pets; that you have adequate supplies of medication and a bit of non-perishable food stashed away in case of an emergency.”

Information on how to develop a ‘What If’ plan is also available on the Disaster Dashboard.

Find it Fraser Coast

To access the Disaster Dashboard, click here.

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