WATCH: Released osprey has those Friday feels

AN osprey that was found tangled in fishing line near the Urangan rock wall has been successfully released back into the wild.

An osprey that was found in water off the Urangan rock wall, tangled in fishing line is released back into the wild after being given the all clear by a local vet. IMAGE: Screenshot / @frasercoastwildlife

The bird was rescued from the water yesterday after a local fisherman spotted it struggling in the water and unable to take flight.

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According to Fraser Coast Wildlife, the man swam out to the bird and swaddled it in a beach towel before bringing it back to shore.

Once back on dry land, the fisherman noticed the osprey was badly tangled in fishing line.

He called the RSPCA and Wildlife Fraser Coast was notified. The fisherman quickly rushed the bird to a local vet where a Wildlife Fraser Coast representative was overseeing another case.

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The osprey was sedated and X-rayed.

Luckily, no fish hooks were located in the bird’s body – it just needed to be untangled.

The osprey was given the all clear for release this morning and taken back to the Urangan foreshore.

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Fraser Coast Wildlife is urging people to discard old and unwanted fishing line properly to avoid similar – and potentially fatal – incidents from reoccurring.

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Watch the release below:

You can reach Wildlife Fraser Coast on their 24/7 hotline.

Call 0477 189 221.

Thank you to Wildlife Fraser Coast for allowing Good News Fraser Coast to share the release video. You can follow them on Facebook.

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