WATCH: Fraser Coast recycles enough polystyrene to fill an Olympic pool

ENOUGH polystyrene to fill an Olympic swimming pool has been diverted from landfill on the Fraser Coast over the past 12 months.

Fraser Coast Division 9 Councillor David Lee demonstrates how polystyrene is made into bricks and recycled, preventing the waste product from going to landfill. PHOTO: Supplied.

The introduction of a machine to melt Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) – such as the packaging around a new TV or fridge – has made a big impact in the region.

Division 9 Councillor David Lee said diverting polystyrene from landfill would help save a lot of space and extend the life of the facilities.

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Cr Lee said the number of vehicles transporting rubbish from Nikenbah Transfer Station to the Saltwater Creek Road Landfill would also be reduced.

“Rather than being buried, the polystyrene can be recycled and re-used,” he said.

The EPS Melter uses blades to shred the polystyrene which is then melted and extruded in a sausage-like state that is shaped into a brick.

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The process reduces the volume of polystyrene by around 90 per cent.

“Since we introduced the machine in June last year, Council has diverted 9.6 tonnes of polystyrene from landfill,” said Cr Lee.

“That is enough to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. It’s a huge saving in space.

“The 9.6 tonnes of polystyrene bricks have been sold to manufacturers to process into new products such as composite decking, picture frames and skirting boards.

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“We thank residents and businesses who have separated their polystyrene from their rubbish and dropped it into the recycling bags at the Nikenbah and Maryborough waste facilities. 

“While there is no profit in the sale of the bricks, our main aim is to save space in the landfill and repurpose something that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.”

Fraser Coast residents can drop off for free up to one cubic metre of clean polystyrene at the recycling sheds at the Nikenbah and Maryborough waste facilities. 

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Loads larger than one cubic metre will cost $5.20 per cubic metre.

Commercial clients with loads bigger than 10 cubic metres can contact the waste facilities to determine pricing.

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