Point Vernon revegetation drive underway

THE Fraser Coast Regional Council is working to restore vegetation and natural habitat lost after trees were illegally poisoned along the Charlton Esplanade in parts of Mant Street in Point Vernon.

More than 2,000 plants – of a range of species – are being installed as part of the revegetation project.

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The plants will be maintained until successfully established.

Council said it would take more than 80 years to return what had been lost in mature tree habitat.

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Council’s efforts to return the affected areas to a more natural state have been welcomed and criticised by some residents on social media.

Some Facebook users said it was great to see vegetation being replanted – explaining the importance of native trees to the area and the role they play in reducing erosion, among other things.

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Other people were less excited about the project, saying the signage Council erected around the areas where the trees were poisoned was an eye-sore.

Some community members also claimed residents in Point Vernon were being held to a different standard than those who live towards the Urangan side of the Esplanade where the coastline is more developed and the tree-line thinner.

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Others described the project as waste of ratepayers’ money.

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We would love to hear your opinion on the issue.

Do you think Council is doing the right thing by revegetating the affected areas or do you feel a thinner tree line allowing for an ocean view is more desirable.

Let us know in the comments below.

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