Fraser Coast’s everyday heroes honoured

COMMUNITIES across Australia are celebrating their first responders today.

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Thank a First Responder Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication our local heroes make to our communities every day.

Whether it’s heading to the scene of a traffic crash, battling raging bushfires, watching us while we’re on the water or helping us stay safe during bouts of bad weather, first responders are people who put our lives ahead of their own without thinking twice about it.

And just like the rest of us, first responders have bills to pay, homes to clean, groceries to buy and meals to cook.

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They also have children to raise, sports carnivals to support, homework to supervise and families to love.

They’re ordinary people too, they just dedicate all their time to others – often without the appreciation they deserve.

Fraser Coast Division 3 Councillor Paul Truscott is among those leading the tributes to our local first responders today.

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Cr Truscott took to Facebook recently to share his story after being one of the first people to stop at the scene of a fatal accident on the Bruce Highway.

Cr Truscott said he pulled over just after the accident occurred and tried to help where he could.

“There wasn’t a lot I could do in the circumstances and considering what had happened. I was very grateful when the paramedics turned up, followed by the police and fire brigade. These first responders are our real community heroes. Rushing into dangerous situations to help others, and doing so on a daily basis,” his post read.

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He used his own experience to highlight the role played by first responders – no matter what colour overalls, uniforms or jumpsuits they wear – and urged people to take the time to say, “thank you!”

It’s also an opportunity to acknowledge the sacrifices first responders’ families make on a daily basis – knowing their loved ones might be heading towards danger to help other people get away from it.

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When ordinary people are enjoying the holidays, time off at the beach or family BBQs on a long weekend, first responders are always on duty and for that we say, thank you!

For more details on Thank a First Responder Day and how you can get involved, click here.

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