OPINION: Our first visit to the Fraser Coast Agriculture Show

WE LOOKED at the weather forecast for Friday and decided to head to the Maryborough Showgrounds and Equestrian Park for our first visit to the Fraser Coast Agriculture Show.

An aerial view of the 2021 Fraser Coast Agriculture Show. PHOTO: Graeme Wilson.

Not really knowing what to expect, the day could have gone one of two ways.

We get through the gates, have a look around and realise it’s not for us, head home after an hour and look for another way to entertain the kid on the show holiday.

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Or, we get through the gates, spend the whole day exploring the venue, trying the different rides, learning more about what our local farmers get up to and just spend some quality time as a family outside – away from our screens.

Let’s just say the 4-year-old fell asleep in the car on the way home!

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The Fraser Coast Agriculture Show was a great experience and it was really refreshing to see so many happy faces out and about. Whether it was families with young children, groups of teenagers or community members in general – there was a diverse group of people enjoying some good old-fashioned fun.

The Ferris wheel was a real hit and catching a lift (see what I did there) to the top soon after arriving was a great way to plan what we wanted to do and see.

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“I would like to go on the dragon train and bounce on the trampoline too,” was the kid’s first reaction.

Our first experience of the show was a good one. We’ll definitely head back next year.

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Below are a few photos taken at the 2021 Fraser Coast Agriculture Show and shared on social media. You can share your photos or videos with Good News Fraser Coast on Facebook and Instagram.

Above photos taken by Shaun Ryan / Good News Fraser Coast.

And how cool is this shot from the air?

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