Exciting opportunity for local Fraser Coast news

In these crazy times, as traditional media reduces their Fraser Coast footprint, two local news organisations refuse to follow the trend of being absorbed into a one-size-fits-all landscape.

Good News Fraser Coast and FC Sports Media will partner to break the negative news cycle with good news and up-to-date sports for the Fraser Coast community. 

Good News Fraser Coast and FC Sports Media will remain stand-alone Fraser Coast entities. They will work together to deliver news that will be informative, fun, and respectful of our Fraser Coast community.

As locals who live, work, and run our businesses from the Fraser Coast, we understand the importance of local news.

It is local news for locals, from locals, written and published locally with all monies earned to stay in the local economy.

Brendan Bowers

Brendan developed FC Sports Media to promote and report on local sport on the Fraser Coast. 

“I have a passion for telling the stories of the volunteers and sportspeople within community sport,” 

He won the Paul Boddington Media Award last year from Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association for reporting and promoting sport. 

The experienced sports professional, administrator and sports tragic brings his decades of sports experience and knowledge to the role. Brendan has held positions at all levels in sport, including national and state sporting organisations, local government, state league, and grass-roots clubs. 

“Sport is more than just a game. It teaches life lessons and creates community.” 

He understands the challenges faced by local clubs, having lived the experience himself. 

Find it Fraser Coast

Brendan is committed to promoting the clubs, their sport, and their contributions to our community and our athletes.

Shaun Ryan

Good News Fraser Coast is all about reporting positive events, achievements, and developments in the region. 

While acknowledging the importance of mainstream news channels, Shaun believes many stories that deserve to be told are overlooked. They do not feature in the news diary because they do not fit the ‘bad news sells’ approach.

good news fraser coast

“We are not a ‘head in the sand’ news platform.  We are just focusing on positivity and trying to break the cycle of bad news that dominates social media news feeds,” said Shaun.

Shaun is an experienced journalist with more than a decade in the industry.

He has worked in radio, newspaper and online newsrooms and has been published extensively in Fraser Coast magazines.

“There are so many positive things happening in our region, and we need to share them with you.”

If you want to break the cycle and become a change agent and get your news differently, why not check out Good News Fraser Coast and FC Sports Media?

To get the latest local news is as easy as two clicks.

Good News Fraser Coast

FC Sports Media

Advertising Opportunities

The new partnership has also created ‘Value for Money’ advertising opportunities for businesses to join the team.

We will design advertising packages to suit businesses wanting to advertise across both websites.

To inquire about these opportunities, give us a call.

Good News Fraser Coast: Shaun – 0460 731 959

FC Sports Media: Brendan – 0401 791 631 

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