WATCH: Heartwarming moment dog pulls companion from swimming pool

IF THERE was any ever doubt about a dog’s devotion to its companion – whether human or another animal – or their ability to read a situation, the below video will finally put the debate to rest.

GOOD DOG: ‘Jessie’ is being hailed a hero after rescuing her companion from a family swimming pool. PHOTO: Supplied.

Byron Thanarayen posted surveillance footage of his home’s pool area that showed his 7-year-old rescue dog ‘Jessie’ pull 13-year-old ‘Chucky’ from the water after struggling to find the steps.

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‘Chucky’ fell into the pool and started swimming frantically to try and get out.

‘Jessie’ can then be seen in the video trying for some time to lead her companion back to safety before eventually pulling the smaller dog from the water.

What is even more incredible is that Byron reveals the time-lapse during the video.

‘Jessie’ tries for more than half-an-hour before eventually rescuing ‘Chucky’ – never giving up or assuming the task was impossible.

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Watch the amazing rescue below:

Byron told Good News Fraser Coast he and his wife were not at their Boksburg, South Africa home at the time and were “heartbroken” to see what happened to ‘Chucky’ when they reviewed their security footage.

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He said the family adopted ‘Jessie’ from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) when she was 2-years-old.

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Following ‘Jessie’s’ heroics, Byron said they had decided to set up a campaign to raise funds that will be donated to the shelter where they adopted her from.

You can find more information on the appeal, here.

NOTE: At the time of publishing, the website was still under construction.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the video. Let us know in the comments section below whether it’s encouraged you to adopt a rescue dog.

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