UPDATE: Changes to Fraser Coast’s Level Two water restrictions

UPDATE: Level Two water restrictions will remain in place as the winter months kick in. New winter times have been introduced for people wanting to water their gardens with a hose. Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour said Council had received some requests, especially from elderly members of the community, to reconsider the times when hand held hoses are permitted as it gets darker earlier during winter. People can now use hand held hoses – provided they have water efficient nozzles – between 4pm and 8am.

The full list of Level Two water restrictions in place is listed below.

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RECENT heavy rainfall across the Fraser Coast have not been able to prevent Council from tightening the taps.

Level 2 water restrictions kicked in today.

Under the schedule, residents will only be able to use sprinklers and irrigation systems three nights a week between 6pm and 8am.

REMINDER: Level 2 water restrictions kick in Monday

People can also only water gardens and fill swimming pools between 6pm and 8am each day.

Restricts were implemented to slow the depletion of the region’s dams as we head into the dryer months.

Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour said it was important for people to reduce their water use.

“While the recent rain has been welcome, not enough has fallen in our dam catchments with Lenthall’s Dam still sitting at about 63 per cent,” he said.

“Recent water consumption figures show a stark difference in water use on sunny days and rainy days, highlighting how much of our water use is outdoors.”

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For example, on Saturday 6 March, about 26 megalitres of water was used in Hervey Bay and almost 10 megalitres was used in Maryborough, whereas on Saturday 20 March, about 16 megalitres was used in Hervey Bay and just over six megalitres was used in Maryborough.

“That shows there are certainly opportunities to save water outdoors, and that’s where level two water restrictions are targeted,” the mayor said.

Level Two water restrictions include (updates 30 June 2021):

  • Hand held hoses are permitted between 4pm and 8am the next day but must have a water efficient trigger nozzle;
  • Irrigation systems (sprinklers, drippers, soaker hoses) are permitted on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays between 6pm and 8am the next day;
  • Washing windows and cleaning paved or concrete surfaces, external walls or public facilities is permitted at any time but only with a water efficient, high pressure device (eg gerni);
  • Boat motor and trailer flushing is permitted at any time for a maximum of five minutes at a low water flow;
  • Filling of swimming pools, spas and water features is only permitted between 6pm and 8am and must be monitored at all times;
  • Vehicle and boat cleaning is permitted at an time with handheld hoses (fitted with a water efficient trigger nozzle) and
  • Water tanks connected to or topped up by drinking water supply are subject to the current water restrictions.

Cr Seymour said Council had links to water-wise tips on its website and had been posting tips on social media as well in recent weeks.

“It might be mulching your garden, using a swimming pool cover or checking regularly for water leaks – every little bit helps and every drop counts,” he said.

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“By being water-wise, you not only save water, you also save money on your water bill.”

More information about Fraser Coast’s current water restrictions is available at here and water-wise tips are available here.

NOTE: This article was updates on Wednesday, 30 June 2021 to reflect the new times people can water gardens with a hand held hose – Editor.

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