REMINDER: Level 2 water restrictions kick in Monday

THE Fraser Coast Regional Council announced earlier this month that we would move into Level 2 restrictions on Monday, 29 March 2021 in an effort to slow down the depletion of the region’s dams and weirs.

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Councillor David Lee said at the time the region’s dams were dropping by around 1 to 2 per cent capacity every week.

He said the decision to activate Level 2 restrictions was a proactive one.

Since the announcement was made, the area has received significant rainfall but there has been no word as to whether the restrictions would be eased or pushed back.

According to the Fraser Coast Regional Council website, Lenthall Dam is currently sitting at 63.6 per cent capacity, while Teddington Weir is at 93.1 per cent.

Level Two water restrictions include:

  • Hand held hoses are permitted between 6pm and 8am but must have a water efficient trigger nozzle;
  • Irrigation systems (sprinklers, drippers, soaker hoses) are permitted on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays between 6pm and 8am only;
  • Washing windows and cleaning paved or concrete surfaces, external walls or public facilities is permitted at any time but only with a water efficient, high pressure device (eg gerni);
  • Boat motor and trailer flushing is permitted at any time for a maximum of five minutes at a low water flow;
  • Filling of swimming pools, spas and water features is only permitted between 6pm and 8am and must be monitored at all times;
  • Vehicle and boat cleaning is permitted at an time with handheld hoses (fitted with a water efficient trigger nozzle) and
  • Water tanks connected to or topped up by drinking water supply are subject to the current water restrictions.

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