WATCH: Animated fly through of proposed 16-storey Hervey Bay development

THE Fraser Coast Regional Council approved an application for a 16-storey building in Pialba this week.

Animated fly through of proposed Hervey Bay development. IMAGE: Screengrab / Facebook @frasercoastregionalcouncil.

The move has divided residents, with some saying the development would put an end to Hervey Bay’s small sea-side town vibe while others were more welcoming and said the area needs to keep up with the times and offer something new to a growing community.

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Council has since released an animated clip of what the development could look like.

Let us know what your thoughts are.

WATCH: Council meeting that could pave the way for 16-storey building in Hervey Bay

The proposed site for the development is in Charles Street, in the vicinity of Watson Street.

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15 thoughts

  1. Of course we would like our little piece of paradise to stay as is. But that’s selfish. You can’t stop growth. Whether it’s Hervey Bay, Byron Bay or other. Its along our beautiful Queensland coastline. It’s an asset to our tourism and economy.

  2. Hi Margaret. Thank you so much for your comment. I think it is an interesting time for the region – but lots of smaller towns outside of the bigger cities in general. It will be interesting to see how people embrace development while still hanging onto the small seaside charm of places such as Hervey Bay. Perhaps there needs to be a discussion around the number of these high-rise buildings and where they allowed to go up.

  3. Where is all the car parks that will be required. Parking is the biggest problem with all new developments.
    I also hope it is local businesses building the development. Who owns development what country do that live in.

  4. The fly through video is a sham. I recognise nothing in it that is currently H.B. Further it would seem that there are at least 3 buildings that are 10 stories and higher. Realistically, this is a cartoon no better than Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse and maybe it should be treated as such.

    Development in a controlled fashion is fine. However, where are the environmental, transport, infra-structure studies? Where are the credible photoshops of what this 50Mt plus building will look like from, for example, Ghost Hill, Urangan Pier, Point Vernon (The Esplanade) and the waters off Pialba looking shoreward. Where are the invitations to comment from the community?

    In this instance I condemn the council for its actions. No matter what the intent it looks like a money grubbing exercise. Do the due diligence and canvass the community. Do the studies and please BE HONEST.

  5. What a fantastic opportunity for Hervey bay. This initiative will drive economic development for the area, create jobs and entice tourists to spend more time and money in the area. The sooner the better.

  6. Will this end up another ghost town area like the marina after the rents were raised? HERVEY Bay was designated a growth area years ago. It didn’t happen then. Will this proposed project make this happen at last or not?

  7. I come here from the gold coast to this lovely town people are so nice here and the kids are out playing and NOT in front of the TV you go for long walks alone the beach and people always say hello to you .The council has sold so much land the kangaroos have not got a home anymore . Yes you have done real good with all the new changes its just like the gold coast gone is the sweet town lets make it a concrete city

  8. I think it would be such a shame and at the end of the day who will it benefit? Hervey Bay has suceeded the way it is because it is not full of high rise, and not a gold like deveopment which makes it unique and popular for families older people and visitors looking for an alternative comfotable holiday destination. This is one place that should keep the relaxed life style feel.

  9. My husband and I have bought at Pialba because we like the bay and the lifestyle and mainly because we have family there. Urangan has some multi-storey buildings including clubs, units and a hotel and they seem to fit in with the crazy mixture of housing styles. I’ve noticed a shortage of rentals for people so extra multi level accommodation might suit a range of people especially if it included housing for disadvantaged people. Perhaps the number of storeys could be negotiated. Would be nice to have different shops eg a bookshop would be an advantage.

  10. all i’m going to say is having a place like this would be really good for lots of people not just for hervey bay but for the hole fraser coast and it is not about the 16 story building it is what the hole project has to offer and it will put hervey bay on the map for all Australians that want to visit the Fraser Coast.

    1. That is so inaccurate, people come here now for the love of our current coastal inviroment. If you want hitech tinsel towns try Maroochydore, where traffic comes to a standstill in the “CBD” area. This plan seems to devour our Freedom Park. I hope you are ready for the rates increase to pay for this

    2. I think the word you are looking for is WHOLE, and I think your right it would put Hervey Bay on the map for being a ruined holiday spot!

    3. I only send what I said because if Maryborough gets tall buildings it will make a lot of people angry. I know Hervey Bay doesn’t need taller buildings but it will help boost the economy of our town . Hervey Bay needs to keep up with the times it is not a country town it is a city and a coastal city . It will get high-rise buildings if we like it or not . But that’s not the only thing it needs I can name a lot more but one thing at a time. Thanks for reading this is just my opinion by the way.

  11. I think it’s great but not for Hervey Bay…need to spend money on our airport first, great for Noosa or Airlie Beach but not Hervey Bay

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