All Black legend performs with The Wiggles

HE is one of the most decorated rugby union players off all time, is regularly touted as the best player the game has ever seen and is the only Test captain to lead his team to Rugby World Cup glory twice – but what does Richie McCaw do now?

All Black legend Richie McCaw performs with The Wiggles in Christchurch. IMAGE: Screenshot / Twitter @TheWiggles.

He plays with The Wiggles.


The Wiggles posted a video to their social media this week showing the All Black legend backstage before joining the group during a live performance.

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Now McCaw being McCaw, he didn’t just walk onto the stage and give the Christchurch crowd a wave and a smile and then dart back into the wings faster than one of his signature turnovers.

He played the bagpipes.

C’mon, is there anything this guy can’t do?

He flies helicopters, competes in grueling adventure races, has won countless rugby trophies – and plays the bagpipes.

You’re offsides, Richie!

(Someone had to say it, never got shouted too many times during his career!)

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Find it Fraser Coast

Watch the video below to see the legend in action:

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