WATCH: Council meeting that could pave the way for 16-storey building in Hervey Bay

THE Fraser Coast Regional Council is holding its Council Ordinary Meeting this evening to allow the public a chance to view proceedings.

Council said earlier in the month this evening’s meeting will be held after hours and livestreamed to make elected representatives more accessible.

Among the agenda items is the possible vote to allow for the development of a proposed 16-storey building in Hervey Bay.

Watch the action here:

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5 thoughts

  1. Don’t turn the bay nto the Gold Coast after you allow one in the rest will follow listen to what the locals want all of the visitors to the Bay say its beautiful and that’s because we are over shadowed by massive tall 16 floors of concrete and shade.leave the Bay 5 floors at the limit ……Thank you ……

    1. Hi Peter. Thank you so much for your reply to the article. Are you opposed to high-rise buildings in Hervey Bay in general or just in certain parts of the city – like along the Esplanade etc?

    2. I think it is disgusting destroying this beautiful town to accomodate what the people who have just moved away from such an overgrown environment want. If people NEED concrete, then move the cities inland like America have. Build cities in the Outback, where no one can see them and leave the local fauna and wildlife ALONE

  2. Turning this BEAUTIFUL place into another over concreted lifeless and soulless town will be it’s down fall. The way it is is why people come here, holiday here live here. Why would you holiday in a place that looks like everywhere else. LEAVE IT ALONE

    1. Hi Sallie,

      Thank you so much for your comments. It’s great that people are able to share their different opinions on developments etc?

      I’m interested in whether your criticism on the project is based on the look of potential new developments at all? Many are looking forward to help the region cope with an increasing population, for example. This is obviously not a problem faced only by Hervey Bay / Fraser Coast but by Australia and indeed the global population continues to increase.

      Surely looking to build up would (hopefully) result in less land needing to be developed in the short-term – meaning a better outcome for fauna and flora, as you point out?

      Thanks again for the feedback,

      Thanks so much,

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