Wet weather on the cards for Fraser Coast

FRASER COAST residents might want to pack an umbrella and a raincoat when heading out this week.

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The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a wet week for the region.

Hervey Bay residents can expect a 90 per cent chance of rain today.

Forecasters said the mercury would reach a maximum of around 31 degrees, with a very high chance of rain – most likely in the afternoon and evening.

Those living in and around Maryborough can expect the rain to begin falling from late morning.

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The Bureau said there was a 95 per cent of rain today.

Temperatures in the Heritage City are expected to peak at around 32 degrees.

Below is BOM’s forecast for Hervey Bay for the week ahead – as of 20h30 on Sunday, March 14:

  • Monday             MAX: 31C           90% chance of rain (8-20mm)
  • Tuesday             MAX: 27C           90% chance of rain (15-35mm)
  • Wednesday      MAX: 29C           60% chance of rain (1-10mm)
  • Thursday           MAX: 28C           70% chance of rain (3-10mm)
  • Friday                 MAX: 30C           60% chance of rain (1-5mm)
  • Saturday            MAX: 30C           50% chance of rain (0-5mm)
  • Sunday              MAX: 29C           50% chance of rain (0-4mm)

Maryborough’s week ahead, according to BOM on Sunday night:

  • Monday              MAX: 32C           95% chance of rain (15-30mm)
  • Tuesday              MAX: 26C           80% chance of rain (10-30mm)
  • Wednesday        MAX: 28C          70% chance of rain (2-10mm)
  • Thursday            MAX: 28C           70% chance of rain (3-10mm)
  • Friday                  MAX: 30C           60% chance of rain (1-6mm)
  • Saturday             MAX: 30C           60% chance of rain (1-5mm)
  • Sunday               MAX: 29C           60% chance of rain (1-4mm)

The wet weather comes several days after the Fraser Coast Regional Council announced Level 2 water restrictions would be implemented across the region at the end of the month.

Council said, while levels are satisfactory right now, the move to restrict water use was made to slow down their dams’ depletion rate as we head into the dryer months.

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Council said dam levels were dropping by between one and two per cent every week.

Division 9 Councillor David Lee said people must keep an eye on their water use.

“Every drop counts, and by being water-wise, you not only save water, you also save money on your water bill. About half our water is used outdoors, so that’s where the most opportunities are to save water and where level two water restrictions are targeted,” he explained.

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