OPINION: Taking it one step at a time

Firstly, a very big thank you to everyone who has clicked through to the Good News Fraser Coast website.

Embrace the good and share positive news stories. IMAGE: File.

It has been great to jump online and see the number of visitors to the site and overall page views increase every day so far.

The Good News Fraser Coast journey is obviously still in its early stages but it is a project that I am confident will grow and fill an important void in the region’s news media landscape.

It’s important for me to celebrate the website being live for one week.

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In this time, I have received numerous text messages and posts on my social media pages saying the website has a role to play in the community.

People, I believe, are desperate for good news.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of only reading or clicking on negative news pieces but there are always feelgood stories out there. Sometimes we just have to look.

Having said that, get in touch if you know of any good news stories that need to be told.

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I will be communicating exactly what type of stories Good News Fraser Coast is looking to publish and share in the coming days.

The Fraser Coast has a lot to offer, its people are talented and hardworking – let’s embrace the good!

Find it Fraser Coast

Telling good news stories will help foster a sense of pride in our community. But, with the global nature of the Internet and social media, our news can reach the rest of Australia and the world too.

A quick glance at the website’s analytics for the week revealed that people in ten countries have already browsed the website.

It was interesting to see that people in India, Israel, Ireland, South Africa and France are among the international readers who have had a look at some of the good news coming out of the Fraser Coast.

Again, thank you to all those who have visited the website and liked and shared content on social media.

good news fraser coast

Good News Fraser Coast is a work in progress but I’m pretty sure many business owners will tell you a company is never a finished product.

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There are always improvements to make, challenges to address and new opportunities to explore.

This business is just doing it all out in the open.

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