Crikey! There’s a croc in my pool

AUSTRALIANS are used to some pretty far out animal encounters, but for this rather strange headline grabbing story, we’re heading across the ocean to South Africa.

Did someone say best selfie ever? PHOTO: Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation / Angel Breytenbach.

Angel and Jaco Breytenbach woke up recently and checked their home’s security cameras before letting their dogs out, and let’s just say it’s a good thing that they did.

The couple was shocked to find a crocodile in their swimming pool.

Naturally, photos of the unusual finding at their North West province home were taken – probably as proof for future conversations. I’m pretty sure this is the type of stuff many people would dismiss as ‘just another urban legend’ in the years to come.

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But, as they say, the camera never lies – or does it add 10 pounds? Either way, there is documented proof that a croc was found lazing at the bottom of a swimming pool.

Experts believe a number of wild animals were displaced by the heavy rains and flooding brought on by Cyclone Eloise.

“Only in Africa,” Angel wrote on social media.

It’s believed the unwanted visitor came from a nearby river.

Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation shared the experience on its Facebook page.

The non-profit organisation said the croc was carefully removed from the pool and taken to a safe location.

He was due to be checked out by officials with the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment before being released back into its natural habitat.

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A social media post shared by the organisation urged people to leave trying to capture and relocate wild animals to the experts.

“Animals like these should only be handled by rescuers permitted [to do so] in accordance with nature conservation guidelines.”

“Relocation and rescue of these animals is a very dangerous job,” the organisation said.

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