OPINION: Missioning on the Fraser Coast

LAST year I decided to start an Instagram page to share some of the photos taken by locals and visitors to the Fraser Coast.

The sun sets behind the famous Urangan pier at low tide. PHOTO: @frasercoastmissions.

There are multiple tourism industry, council, state and corporate profiles that do the same thing, so why add @frasercoastmissions to the mix?

Firstly, my family and I were pretty new to the area at the time so it was a great way to learn about the place we now call home. I have seen and been tagged in photos from across the region of places perhaps considered ‘off the beaten track’ that I might not normally have heard about.

The COVID-19 pandemic put the brakes on any attempt to fully explore the region when we first arrived on the Fraser Coast, so the interaction with other Instagram users helped me learn a little bit more about the community and feel part of the ‘conversation’.

By sharing photos taken by locals and visitors to the region, the page also gives people an organic sense of the area. The photos displayed on @frasercoastmissions are not communicating a corporate message. In that way, I hope people who stumble upon the profile might think, “wow that’s a beautiful place” or “those people are having such a great time at Lake Mackenzie, we should go there.”

While I am a very amateur photographer who pretty much only takes photos for the fun of it and to clog up my SD card and phone memory, I have been able to find a whole host of really talented photographers based here on the Fraser Coast.

Some of them offer professional packages and appear to get up early almost every morning to snap an amazing sunrise or hunt down the perfect spot for a golden sunset – flooding our timelines with positive images that inspire and motivate us to be better people, see the world differently and respect our natural surroundings and wildlife.

We really do live in a beautiful part of the world and sometimes we just need a little reminding.

The Hervey Bay beaches, Fraser Island (K’gari), Maryborough’s proud heritage and visiting whales are known across the world. They offer something unique, picturesque and happy.

But so does the drive between Hervey Bay and Burrum Heads, especially when the area is awash with native butterflies!

All photos and videos on @frasercoastmissions, if not taken by myself, are reposted with permission. I believe it is really important for people’s skills to be acknowledged and if a repost gets that person an extra follower or helps a local photographer book a family shoot – even better!

This article was originally published on Shaun Ryan Media on 11 September, 2020.

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